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Peri Handschuhe(schwarz)


In order to increase the accuracy of the shot, to avoid erosion due to hand sweat, resulting in hand’s injury and shafts damage, Peri marketed a new-designed billiard dedicated glove which fits the structure of hand.

Material: PERI BILLIARD DEDICATED GLOVE (BLACK) continues to be made with LYCRA imported from South Korea. It selects softer fiber, so the glove is much more silky and skin-friendly. In addition, the twin-thread process makes the glove just like a handicraft.

Functional Upgrade: In order to ensure good breathability, the center of palm continues to adopt butterfly-shaped cobweb surface. Moreover, the upgrading version of PERI BILLIARD DEDICATED GLOVE (BLACK) adopts suede-like materials in side palm. When players shot the billiards, the cloth can be griped easily with the assistance of non-slip mat.

Dashing Design: This glove is simple to wear. It has stylish appearance and Velcro tapes (hook and loop fasteners) in wrist, which is perfectly matched with overall classic black design and displays our pursuing in military products quality. In addition, the black also has a slimming effect, which served as a foil to the heroic posture of the player.

Right and left

2 pieces one box

38,00 € inkl. 20.00% MwSt.

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